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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Friday, 20 April 2018


For your homework, this week, I would like you to create a chocolate timeline. Use different sources to collect information on the history of chocolate before putting this information onto a timeline. You may decorate it with appropriate pictures but it must have written information too. I would also like you to see what you can find out about fair trade. 

Spellings 20.04.2018

This week, our spellings are; 

  1. deceive
  2. conceive
  3. receive
  4. perceive
  5. ceiling
  6. protein
  7. caffeine
  8. seize
  9. achieve 
  10. receipt 

Can you find a rule? 

Thursday, 29 March 2018


This week spellings are as follows; 
  1. observant,
  2. observation
  3. expectant
  4. expectation
  5. hesitant
  6. hesitation
  7. tolerant
  8. toleration
  9. substance
  10. substantial

Maya Food

This week, we made a Maya feast! We all had different jobs which resulted in us producing a delicious Maya meal. We made; tortillas, mince (halal) mix with chilli and tomatoes, sweet potato mash, corn on the cob and quinoa. For more photos follow the link;

Air Resistance

To investigate air resistance we made our own parachutes. We discussed the variables of our investigations and which would be the dependent, independent and control variable. Some of us chose different variables to test e.g. shape of parachute, size, length of string. To test the parachutes we went outside to observe the in action. 

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Easter Homework

Homework Project

This Easter, I would like to to create a model of a habitat for an animal of your choice. Be as creative as you can!

Image result for habitat

Friday, 23 March 2018

Sports Relief

Sent from my iPadA Joe Wicks Workout, golf, keepy ups, jumping, balances and throwing targets - what an exhausting day! Some fantastic leaders in year 5 who ran activities for every class in school!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018


We had a brilliant Judo session in KS2 this morning! Some very talented children. #risktaking

Tuesday, 20 March 2018


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Monday, 12 March 2018


International Students

This week we were very pleased to welcome back our international students. We continued to look at pollution.

Active Maths - Data Collection

Today, in maths, we were collecting and recording data. To do this we recorded our heart rate after exercise at 1 minute intervals. The data, that we collected, was presented in a table.

"This on is hard."

" I can feel it. It's really fast!"

"We can do this."

Monday, 5 March 2018

Writing Inspiration

We used our chocolate making experiences to inspire our writing. Can you resist these adverts?

World Book Day Nets

In maths, we learnt about nets so that we could make our own chocolate boxes!

"I can add my logo!"

"Which colour will be best?"

Year 5 Chocolatiers

For World Book Day, we have been exploring Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Here are some pictures from our chocolate making experience;

For more photos follow this link;

"Mmmmm, I've made it taste better than an Aero!"

"They all look delicious!"

"They fit perfectly in my chocolate box!"

"It smells well good!"

Concentration is the key...

Friday, 2 March 2018

Shrove Tuesday

Today, in RE, we learnt about Shrove Tuesday. We then made pancakes. They smelt so good that year 6 joined in!

Monday, 26 February 2018

A Maya Ball Game

Today, we played an ancient ball game known as Pok-a-tok. This experience is going to inspire our writing over the next few weeks. #writinginspiration #experiences